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Tihane DeKneef – LifeVantage Distributor

Tihane DeKneef – LifeVantage Distributor
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Tihane DeKneef – LifeVantage Distributor
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Upregulate survival genes with cutting edge holistic nutraceuticals. Reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days. Increase endogenous glutathione by 300% in 120 days. Mitochondrial health. NAD sirtuin activation. Brain function. Immune health.

In today’s world, we are bombarded with environmental toxins from EMF’s, heavy metals, glyphosate, and so on. I make it simple and effective for you to uplevel their health with holistic nutraceuticals that activate survival genes. Protect, repair, and rejuvenate your cells.

We have a motto on our team, #EveryoneMatters #EverythingMatters. Whether you’re from Yale or jail, you’re welcome here. Jabbed or unjabbed, you’re welcome here. If you’re masked or unmasked, you’re welcome here. Christian or atheist, you’re welcome here. Black, white, purple, yellow, green, blue…you’re welcome here.

Instagram: @itstihane
Facebook: facebook.com/mrsdekneef
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