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Health Coach

Low caloric, highly dense nutrtition, raw, & organic superfoods
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Health Coach
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I work with people who want to eat healthier and also support a team of coaches.

I am unmasked & unvax-ed; and I do not discriminate.

The stresses of life affected my health. I was having vertigo multiple times a year and also my doctors said I’d have to live with arthritis the rest of my life.

I prayed to learn how to eat better and God lead me to Purium’s Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation.

I saw stories I could relate to and thought if they can do it, so can I.

Within days I felt so much better & I have no more arthritis and did not have a vertigo attack in 8 years.

There are so many people who have never heard of this quality food source we have.
People are suffering and do not need to, and why my business has become my mission.

With the crisis we are all facing; neighbors losing jobs, savings accounts depleted, credit cards maxed, small businesses closing I am personally teaching others what I do.

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