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Comforting Yoga and Meditation

Comforting Yoga and Meditation
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Comforting Yoga and Meditation
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Yoga and Meditation Class.
Group or Privet, to request go here https://www.jyogahawaii.org/ or text (646) 232 6833
This is the place where you can tune onto sensing your soul.
Find your voice.
Strengthen and heal your body.

Core generating alignment will promote muscle strengthening.
Deep stretching will allow for more plasticity of the body and mind.
We will wrap up our class with the soothing Shavasana followed by the mindful application of the essential oils.
While gaining knowledge of the ancient yogic tradition, we will address all the questions that you may have.
We will discuss how you specifically can glean, from the secrets of yoga.
Lets dive in!

Next to the Paki Hale community center, in the park.
3840 Paki Ave.
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