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Bring Dennis Prager to Hawaii!

Nationally-syndicated radio personality and columnist Dennis Prager has agreed to appear at the Honolulu World Wide Rally for Freedom on May 15 BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP. We have to raise money to cover his and his team’s travel expenses (he is not charging a speaking fee) so please kokua. This will get the national attention we need to put the fear of the PEOPLE in our local leaders to SET HAWAII FREE! Please give generously — your freedom is at stake!

Please kokua!

Get your AFC Rally gear for the big Freedom March!


T-shirts (pick any color, as long as it’s white), kids’ sizes and survival gear (well, water bottles) sporting the rally poster and the AFC logo.



Letter to Green: Rousing Scrutiny of Vaccine Passport

We carefully chose the word coalition in our name, Aloha Freedom Coalition, because investment in human rights means joining hands with others. We seek to shed light on the issues tugging our Aloha State toward totalitarianism, and in the darkness, to connect with every other beacon of light until we are again radiant with the freedom and aloha we once enjoyed.
Children’s Health Defense-Hawaii Chapter is one such light force in advocacy, particularly for keiki, Hawaii’s future. With a mutual focus, we present a letter by president of the nonprofit, Kim Haine, to Lt. Gov. Josh Green whose overeager vaccine passport program threatens to muddy Hawaii’s social environment, potentially ushering in a sort of neo-social apartheid. – AFC Editorial Staff


April 19, 2021

Aloha Lt. Gov. Green,

We met when you were a senator, supporting pesticide disclosure and buffer zones between schools and GMO seed companies, and had a great discussion about influenza vaccine mandates for healthcare workers. You were a man of integrity and I saw your heart. But a lot has changed, and you have changed. I cannot imagine being in your shoes.

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URGENT BULLETIN: Bill SB540 SD1, an Infringement of Civil Liberties

SB540  has passed through both the House and Senate and is expected to be on Governor Ige’s desk for a signature this week. The bill, introduced by Sen. Karl Rhoads (808-586-6130, eases the task for law enforcement in fining and jailing pandemic rules violators. 

Mask and social distancing violations, such as not wearing a mask in public or hosting large gatherings, as well as hiking on State lands closed to the public, would be subject to a $200 fine, a year in jail, or both. Higher fines, up to $5,000 were previously being allowed for such infractions, but with thousands of cases gumming up the courts, reports from the public mention that many such cases were dismissed. 

This new bill would make punishment of infractions more readily executable. Infractions will be treated in much the same way as traffic violations in order to move cases through the court system more rapidly. In most cases, law enforcement will not be required to appear in court as a witness, and to further expedite matters, as is written in the bill, such adjudication would encourage the public to resolve the infraction by simply paying the monetary fine.

To voice opposition to the erosion of civil liberties in the Aloha State, concerns can be addressed to Gov. Ige at

You can also speak to his office at 808-586-0034.

State Reps in Big Pharma’s Pocket

Did you know that our country’s government officials are also not above having their hands in Big Pharma’s pockets? Locally, the drug industry gave over $13,000 in campaign funding to 21 lawmakers in Hawaii in 2019-2020 (


Aloha Freedom Coalition (AFC). Many heard the name for the first time after a March 20 gathering at Kapiolani Park was overrun with Honolulu Police Department officers, culminating in the detainment of two individuals. One was a mother who was subjected to a particularly violent arrest and was separated from her children.

In a climate where the steady digest of daily chatter centers around cases, swabs, tiers, vaccines, isolation, distancing, washing and masking, some media have caved to the temptation to write us off as anti-maskers, conspiracy theorists, or a fringe element engaged in confrontation with police. Story done.

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BREAKING NEWS: You are free!

***From Leana Lomma***

Aloha fellow Freedom Fighters!

I’ve been saying this for months and on Sunday I proved myself right: QUARANTINING HEALTHY PEOPLE IS ILLEGAL and those enforcing this KNOW IT! You have a right to refuse to sign any documents which would legally bind you to any contract to submit to a house arrest after traveling!

​On Sunday [March 21] I flew back from Honolulu after the Worldwide Rally for Freedom and at the airport I stood my ground with the police and the national guard and although originally told I would be arrested…instead I was ESCORTED past all the guards and out the door WITHOUT signing any agreement to quarantine!


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Amid a boom in visitors, Waikiki also sees an increase in people not wearing masks

Wait a minute, the state with the 49th-lowest infection rate in the US is seeing a boom in visitors arriving not wearing masks? Pinch me.


The spring break travelers spurred the highest one-day total since the pandemic began.

It’s especially noticeable in Waikiki, where the beaches are looking like they used to ― packed.

Officials are also hearing complaints about visitors not wearing masks.


“I’m a believer that if you’re outdoors, you can remove it,” said Indiana visitor Glenn Day.


Many visitors still don’t realize there is a mask mandate in Hawaii and several said wearing masks outdoors is not a requirement in their home states.

“We carry our masks around and if we walk into an establishment we’ll wear one, and if people look like they’re uncomfortable with us around, we’ll put one on. But otherwise, like I said where we come from, people are really not required to wear them,” Wisconsin visitor Larry Dopke said.


Our leaders are using our isolation to hide reality from us — is there really a COVID health emergency going on?

GEE THANKS FOR THAT: Fully vaccinated people can gather without masks, CDC says

The vaccine is here so we can now return to our pre-COVID lives, right? WRONG!

Fully vaccinated Americans can gather with other vaccinated people indoors without wearing a mask or social distancing, according to long-awaited guidance from federal health officials.

This is rich. So if five vaccinated people can gather, what happens if a sixth person who isn’t vaccinated wants to join them?

The CDC is continuing to recommend that fully vaccinated people still wear well-fitted masks, avoid large gatherings, and physically distance themselves from others when out in public. The CDC also advised vaccinated people to get tested if they develop symptoms that could be related to COVID-19.

So what exactly does getting vaccinated do for you? Not much.

Aloha Freedom Coalition (AFC) supports intelligent, informed measures to mitigate the damage from Covid.

We object to the costs of mandates being unfairly borne by a small segment of society, particularly by those without a voice in government, or with little access to those in power.


Lockdown is unjust. Business closings are unjust. Restriction of religious worship is unjust. Our children and parents are locked inside while convicted felons are set free. Access to our beaches and parks is restricted even though outdoors is the safest place to be. These actions are unconstitutional, illegal, unfair, and, most of all, they don’t make sense.

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