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No Shot for this Slot!

Posted by PithyPono 20220107
Buffalo Bills WR Cole Beasley (#11), who normally lines up as a slot receiver, has been an opponent of the NFL’s bizarre and oppressive COVID policies from the beginning. This past July, he said, ”I’m not anti- or pro-vax — I’m pro-choice. With that being said, the issue at hand is information being withheld from players in order for a player to be swayed in a direction he may not be comfortable with.”
Last month, when he was suspended for testing positive, Beasley posted on IG, “Just to be clear COVID is not keeping me out of this game. The rules are,” he wrote in the post. “Vaxxed players are playing with Covid every week now because they don’t test. One of my vaxxed teammates is in the hospital missing games. I’m sure he didn’t get this same energy. Thank you for those who support. Everyone else, if you don’t get what’s happening then there is nothing anybody can do for you.”
Cole is a journeyman WR in his 30s playing in a small market. He is not a superstar like Tom Brady. He has paid tens of thousands in league fines. Cole has put his career on the line for personal freedom. Let’s show him some love and wear his jersey! 


‘Ainokea? Scroll to the Bottom and Think Again: Hawaii is the TIP OF  THE SPEAR!

Franciscan Br. Alexis Bugnolo Explains the Peaceful Way Out of COVIDism and Vacksism

“Talk Story” with Dr.s Robert & Jill Malone

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Freedom Podcast #6: Interview with Dr. Malone Part 3

Rasa continues her discussion with Dr. Malone. In this part 3 of 3, Dr. Malone discusses the issue with keiki getting the inoculation. Also regarding pregnancy and taking the inoculation.


Freedom Podcast #5: Interview with Dr. Malone Part 2

Rasa continues her discussion with Dr. Malone. He talks about Wargames in 2019, that “predicted” the Plandemic.

Please excuse the technical issues; it was unfortunate that it happened during such an important interview, but the main thing is being able to hear Dr. Malone speak. Stay tuned for the finale, coming soon!

Freedom Podcast #4: Interview with Dr. Malone Part 1

​Rasa talks with Dr. Robert Malone, the pioneer of mRNA technology. He talks about his history with Tony Fauci and how Dr. Robert’s wife, Dr. Jill Glasspool Malone wrote a book about “Preparing and Protecting Yourself from the novel Coronavirus” which was subsequently censored because it advocated mask wearing back in February 2020. Stay tuned for the other videos in this series!

They Are Coming For Your Kids: Sacred Hearts Academy distributing non-FDA EUA COVID tests to students

Posted by Pithy Pono 20211018

Sacred Hearts Academy in Kaimuki today sent their students home with this experimental swab test from Oceanit. It was manufactured in South Korea by a company that Oceanit has declined to identify. As a parent, neither was I not properly notified nor was my daughter informed this is part of a clinical trial. But her teacher gleefully handed them out!

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AFC Freedom Podcast #3

Rasa interviews Dayana, who is from Venezuela. Dayana lived under Hugo Chavez/Maduro’s rule and compares what’s going on here to what has happened in Venezuela. Socialism NEVER works!!!

AFC Freedom Podcast #2

This week, Joe interviews Don, owner of Doner Shack in downtown Honolulu, who has been consistently on the side of freedom, standing up against the tyrannical DOH and mandates imposed on small restaurants. 

World Premiere! AFC Freedom Podcast!

Why Would the Government Purposely Turn People Against Each Other?

Posted by WordSmith 20210925

Good question, and one that Ige, Green, and Blangiardi could best answer if they were honest and didn’t function under a façade of caring for their constituents. Or go higher to Gates or Fauci. Is it power? More money? More control? Perhaps, we need to examine history and ask Stalin or Mussolini the same question. We’re not sure of the end game, but we see something’s amiss.

Look to other countries a little further ahead of us in the “Build Back Better” trajectory. Israel, the most vaxxed country is also seeing the most social discrimination. Its citizens of unsullied blood are being forced to swim in a separate, cordoned off area.

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Why the Anti-Vacks Label?

Posted by WordSmith 20210924

War and the field of psychology go hand in hand. Psychological tactics are used to demonize the enemy and influence public support for war. Propaganda posters painted Japanese as monkeys, invading lice, ignoramuses, or lascivious men out to abscond with America’s virginal women. In turn, the Japanese portrayed Americans as hairy, demonic, man-eating monsters.

We are currently in the greatest war human history has yet experienced and therefore propaganda is in full force. The insidious nature of this war is that it is so subtle that the majority of the planet does not realize we are at war. This war is eminently tactful, many decades in the making and has global reach.

Cultural psychology shows that it’s easier to write someone off when you view them as an outsider. You can more easily dehumanize someone when you’re the righteous one and they deserve punishment for not falling in line.

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To Be or Not to Be … V***ed

That is NOT the Question

Posted by WordSmith 20210923

When public discourse and headlines make accusatory statements about “anti-vaxxers,” they’re promoting a carefully crafted propaganda campaign. A campaign against people who want the freedom to choose, rather than allowing Big Brother to micromanage our health, our careers, our education, where we eat, where we worship, or how we live our lives.

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Hawaii Students Suffer As Local Teachers Forced Out Due to Vacks Mandates

MUST SEE: Mayor Blandiardi BUSTED!

Masks? Nah. Social distancing? Nah. Indoor occupancy limits? Nah. That’s for you little people…

Mega Protest Transforms Waikiki: Shines Spotlight on Rash of Lies & Truancy

Missing persons alert: Media are AWOL!

A massive amount of television, online and print media reporters have been MIA, or have they been abducted by masked_herculesaliens? Regardless, the public should be concerned. There are reports they’ve gone rogue and may be armed with propaganda and outright lies.

Kalakaua Avenue was a sea of smiles that stretched for several city blocks the evening of Aug. 28. Crowds with cameras gathered to capture the excitement and onlookers waved from balconies as a steady throng of freedom lovers from across the island, equipped with a colorful array of flags, banners and pithy slogans on their t-shirts, sang, danced and chanted, blew conches and caught a ton of shakas, thumbs ups and nonstop honking from passersby.

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Is Ethical Journalism Dead?

Posted by WordSmith 

Lt Gov. Josh Green gets an A-plus. In reaching out to reporters with a false story, he did exactly what an underhanded politician would do to get attention: garner sympathy and solicit public favor in his expected bid for governor. However, AM 690 (Mike Buck Show), Associated Press, Hawaii News Now, Star Advertiser and MSNBC get an F. They broke the cardinal journalistic rule of “fair and balanced” reporting with their stories on a manufactured situation regarding Green and his ethnic background.

AP, HNN, SA and MSNBC wrote stories accusing Aloha Freedom Coalition of doing something we did not do and of having motives we do not have. And yet, not one of these news agencies reached out to AFC for comment.


The rest of the story…

Rules for Thee BUT NOT FOR GREEN!

Lt. Governor Josh Green was spotted on Tuesday night (8/24) at the “hip cafe for global comfort foods” Scratch Kitchen in Kaka’ako hugging and shaking hands with guests – unmasked. It’s not exactly Gavin Newsome at the French Laundry, but we won’t split hairs here – we see a FRAUD when we see one. Don’t believe us? See the video! 


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Aloha Freedom Coalition (AFC) supports intelligent, informed measures to mitigate the damage from Covid.

We object to the costs of mandates being unfairly borne by a small segment of society, particularly by those without a voice in government, or with little access to those in power.


Lockdown is unjust. Business closings are unjust. Restriction of religious worship is unjust. Our children and parents are locked inside while convicted felons are set free. Access to our beaches and parks is restricted even though outdoors is the safest place to be. These actions are unconstitutional, illegal, unfair, and, most of all, they don’t make sense.